Radiology Imaging Quality Information System

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Radiology Imaging Quality Information System 

A massively scalable, web-based application designed with ease of integration and imaging quality improvement at it’s core.

A very large healthcare organization was struggling with a paper-based error reporting and resolution process that spanned several different sites.  
Using a paper-based process was very error-prone, slow and immeasurable.

  • Reliance on a paper-based error-tracking system
  • Limited accountability and tracking of errors
  • Huge amount of time spent manually compiling reports to help improve patient care
  • Lack of enterprise-wide standards regarding quality measurements
  • Needed a highly-integrated platform-based approach
  • Delivered a multi-user, highly-integrated tool
  • Imaging departments across the entire enterprise had 100% adoption
  • Completely configurable and expandable
  • Fluid, beautiful user interface for desktop and mobile users
  • Imaging managers are now able to identify problem areas immediately
  • Flexible reports have led to increased patient care and fewer re-images
  • Measurable productivity gains for a large number of Radiology Departments
  • Time-to-resolution of errors has been reduced by an order of magnitude

BAYWORX was tasked with solving a very classic problem: Optimizing an existing process and moving it from paper / fax to a Web application.  While it was a very large and complicated problem to solve, we were able to take a simple, effective approach leading to a tremendously successful solution.  User adoption across all radiology departments (4,500 users) grew to 95% in the first 6 months.

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