The Skeptic’s Guide to Hiring a Consultant


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“This book was designed to facilitate the hiring of a consultant; It was not designed to eliminate a healthy skepticism.”

“By applying the principles put forth in this book, and by maintaining your skepticism and trusting the instincts that got you this far in business in the first place, hiring the right consultant for your project can be much easier than you ever imagined.”

Excerpts from The Skeptic’s Guide To Hiring A Consultant



Jeff Hill has been a consulting technologist for over 20 years. In 2010 he founded BAYWORX, a boutique software consulting company that delivers solutions focusing on healthcare, retail, and manufacturing.  Thanks to his creative and pragmatic approach to developing software, he has saved his clients millions of dollars and untold headaches along the way.

Say the word, and he’ll go toe to toe with anyone on Bay Area thrash metal.